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Slug Slug

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Slugged Out.

My Headphones do not deserve to play this beast.

Well its me, not like youd listen to my critique :P

InvisibleObserver responds:

I would, you just often make silly comments like "Not like youd listen to my critique :P" ;P

Thanks for checking this out.

&amp;lt;-/Prototype\-&amp;gt; <-/Prototype\->

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey man

Wow, this is some pretty cool stuff, I love that sound you have at the start.

Ok lets start off with the stuff I dislike about the song (reccomend needs improvement) and then I will give you some ideas on where to go next :P.

Ok first off, that kick / bass, it really doesnt fit that well, it does fit sort of when it comes in at first, but it is slightly annoying after awhile, may want to tweak it a bit EQ.

The second time it comes in - at the end, definatly need to change that, create a new kick because it really doesnt fit there, its too bassey / loud distorted (if you kind of get what I mean).

-What to do with the song.

I reccomend you countinue with your build up, mabye add some hats, and gradually add a sweep into a crash, then turn the synth you have at the end into a sustained synth (so it doesnt release when each note is hit) so it sort of turns into a pad, I guess you could say. That would sound awesome in my opinion ^^ mabye add a cool drum'n'bass percussion lick when it cuts into that sustained synth after the sweep too.

Anyway that is just what I think would be best for the song, your opinion may be completly different!

~Happy Music Making ~Squll

4/5 (I rarely give out 5's.) 10/10

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UndergroundFantasy responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the review, it helped a lot!

Poison of the Night Sky (OM) Poison of the Night Sky (OM)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Your improving lots man ^^ the instruments are starting to sound really cool together.

The only problem with this.. and its a HUGH problem, is its wayyyyyyyyy to reptitive, you have the same sounds repeating for 2 and a half minutes almost, with no changing in notes or anything.

This really put me off the song quite alot, but it has alot of potential, it just needs to be compacted together, like make those effects at 3:30 come in alot fast, like mabye at 1 minute instead of 3 minutes.

Other then that it is really good, though some of the notes don't match at all with each other which is a bit worrying.. mabye look at some music theory ^^ It will help you alot I think.

Anyway, your getting much much better, don't give up, keep trying! I look foward to you next song, and work on cutting that repitition down!

4/5 7/10

The World. The World.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I love it, very clever in my opinion, nicely done song.

--Things I liked

~It's very relaxing, and easy to listen to.

~It seems well mastered

~It has a variety of layers

~The Timbre of the instruments all work well together. (refering to point 2.)

--Things that need work

~It's slightly repetitive.

And thats about all the negatives I can think up right now, but I'm sure there are others, but repetitiveness is a big one in this.. though it doesn't really make such a big impact on the song.

Very well done indeed ^^ Hope to hear more from you often!

4/5 - 9/10 (favourited

~Happy Music Making -Squll

atomic-noodle responds:

Thankss! Full reviews like this are rare, i really appreciate it :) Its repetive because there are supposed to be verses. so the structure is verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse. but isn't a straight loop throughout. small differences. but thanks again, :)

--Melancholie-- --Melancholie--

Rated 4 / 5 stars

As I Listen.

Pretty relaxed piece so far man, I'm enjoying it!

The lead synth I have a small problem with, not defined enough, or overdefined I'm not really sure, probably just a personal problem.

Everything seems nicely mastered and eqed man.. credits to you there ^^.

Woah love 1:14 that was awesome just loved that transition for some reason.
My main problem so far is probably that all the instruments seem slightly repetitive and just come in and out, but that is the problem with most music at this day and age.

I love the modulation effect you have going with the main lead that comes in about 1:55? That's really cool, however you should try (if you havn't) doing a full modulation effect then a crash into the main voice of that lead again. Instead of repeating at that particular modulation for awhile.

Nice ending man, very cleverly laid out, almost a perfect piece, I personally think that the intro might also need some work, as it does not really exactly foreshadow the piece very well and seems slightly out of place, but it fixes itself as the song goes on.

Anyway keep it up, hope to hear some more of your stuff!

~Happy Music Making -Squll

8/10 4/5

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Gravijar responds:

Thanks for the review dude. Yeah intro is a bit average eh. Glad you liked it overall though.

lost in ambient dreams lost in ambient dreams

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Big Improvements man!

The main issue with this song, is that you have no matched the sounds to a beat, like when the drums came in, everything became out of beat, and especially the synth that comes in at about 2 minutes, it is completly out of beat so it sounds bad, try to make every note come in on the "kick" or "snare" instruments to insure its in beat, (usually it sounds best if you bring it on a kick).

Other then that it was great, apart from at 2:50, the hat was too high and loud, so it got very irratating fast, and also the piano that came in, came in too fast and it was completly out of place.

Other then that this is a big improvement from your other stuff, well done man! Keep it up (=

Distant_DJW Distant_DJW

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good and Bad

Hey man (=

Well, it's a bit weird and all over the place - obviously something to just hone your skills at your current music studio ^^

First off, the starting rhythm is pretty cool, but the hats can get annoying and a bit repetitive. The Timbre (or quality of the sound) of the instrument (can't quite figure out what it is) that comes in at 00:06 is kinda annoying, but it does kind of seem to match the percussion.

The effect that comes in briefly at 00:18 (about) is awesome! I really like that, you should have kept that going instead of removing it.

the drop effect at about 40 seconds is pretty cool, but all the effects and stuff after that really need work - it's kinda annoying to be honest :P

Well, overall it's ok just keep working at it and you'll get better! Remember to play around with the effects in the mixer (as I know you use FL studio 8) and remove something if it doesn't sound cool!

Experiment some more, play around!

7/10 3/5

I'm sorry Emily I'm sorry Emily

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's actually a really nice song, man I commend you, that piano was just absoultly beautiful.

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Collab in Progress Collab in Progress

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your Collab is alright but needs some changes!

First of all it's "collab" (sorry mispelling just really irritates me)

That Glockenspiel Dx 10 is pretty cool! I like it

Bit too repetitive for my taste, you need to add and mabye change the notes in the first minute or so. A good idea would be to mabye make the Dx 10 slowly rise up two octaves for a climax into the drum beat.

Yea it gets really repetitive you need to play up the basic parts of that song, like seriously all I could hear was the same thing over and over again -_- not something I would like to listen too :P

However, The sounds are good but mabye the Glockenspiel sound could use reverb / slight delay and mabye some high eqing raising (by a tiny bit)

I love the start of 3:12 that was really well done! It would be nice if it came sooner though!

I like how that part that comes in around 3:12 ends as well into the new drum beat it's really cool! that was my favourite part of the whole song, I salute you for that part!

Overall, it's a pretty average, but could be made into something great quickly! Please listen to my advise and good luck to you in the future!

PS: the end was awesome too!

~Happy Music Making -Squll

3.4/5 (3) 7/10

Bitca responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism. Will definintely heed some of your advice. We basically thew this together very quickly just to get the notes down for the COLLABORATION.

... and sorry for the MISSPELLED word, it was late and we all make mistakes. ;)

Rough [Final] Rough [Final]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Ok Reviewing as I listen

I love the melodies but the sounds good use more eqing!

Oooh I love that high synth that comes in, but you should make it pan to the left side instead of just keeping it mainly on the right side (it sounds heavy reverb on the right side)

Its not too bad on the Repetitive front

Drum beat needs playing up and mabye a snare / clap

Overall not too bad

Main points that need improving in future songs - more Eqing for more professional sounds

- A better drum beat (Try adding a ride and a clap)

- shift / stutter the drum beat adds a professional feel to the song ^^

Good Luck in the future!

~Happy Music Making - Squll

3/5 7/10

jbarnett responds:

thanks. i tried to add a clap and snare, but none of them sounded right