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2009-04-22 23:58:24 by Squll2

Yeah well at the moment my song's are pretty average as you well know, but soon I will be submitting greater stuff, I have been practising for some time and have learn new techniques, but I still have a long, long road to travel!

And PLEASE! If you want any of your stuff reviewed just send me a private message, I'm MORE then glad to do an indepth review of any songs, please no flash reviews it is not my speciality or liking :P

Heya All

2009-02-24 23:40:34 by Squll2

Heya all, well I'm just an average kid in High School and I like to make some music so, well yeah I hope you like it, I'm still learning the ropes but I think I'm getting better! So check back every now and then and you might be surprised at what you find =D ^^.

Everything I make is using FL Music Studio 8

-Happy Music Making ~Squll